API Key Configuration

API Key Configuration

Your application, CRM/HMS, or website can all use API (Application Programming Interface) keys to authenticate access to EvTrack Web Services. They are the preferred alternative to using a username and password because you can revoke an API key at any time without having to change your username and password. We suggest that you use individual API keys for each service connecting to all of EvTrack's services.

1. Creating an API key

  1. Navigate to Configuration on the left navigation bar, and then select API Keys.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Give your API key a name.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Copy your API key somewhere safe. For security reasons, do not put it directly in your code, or commit it somewhere public like GitHub.

You will only be shown your API key one time. Please store it somewhere safe as we will not be able to retrieve or restore it.


2. Editing/Deleting an API key

  1. Click Configuration > API Keys. From the list locate the key you would like to edit. From here you can delete a key, making it completely inactive, or you can edit your key’s name and enabled/disable it.


3. Deleting an API key

  1. Once you delete a key, it can no longer be used to access EvTrack’s services.
  2. Click the checkbox in the same row as the key you want to delete. Select Delete. This will delete the key permanently, making it inactive. EvTrack WS API will reject any subsequent API calls using this deleted API key.

4. Replacing an old API key with a new one

  1. Locate the API key you would like to replace in your list of keys and check the checkbox and select Delete .
  2. Next, create an API key.
  3. Replace the old API key with the new one in your code.