Guard App Settings


  1. Configure the Guard App Authentication methods:
    a. Smart Card: A Secure JWT that is stored on a Mifare Classic smart card
    b. Fingerprint
    c. Username/Password
  2. Configure Logout Guard After Each Transaction
    • When Enabled the user will be logout of the EvTrackGuard app after completing a transaction.
    • A transaction is defined as a New Visitor Enrollment or Access Control Event.
    • When disabled, the user session will remain logged until the JWT Token Expiration has been reached.
  3. Configure Guard App Enabled to Print Badges
    • When Enabled the EvTrackGuard App will print Visitor Badges
  4. Configure Guard App Allow Offline Access Control and Visitor Registration
    • When Enabled if the EvTrackGuard App is unable to communicate with the server due to maintenance or networking connectivity issues the transactions or new visitor enrollment will be enqueued and retried once network connectivity has been re-established.
    • The offline is data is encrypted using an RSA PKI Encryption Scheme.
  5. Configure Guard App Allow Alternative Driver with Valid PIN/MVL:
    • When Enabled the EvTrackGuard App will prompt the Security Guard to register an alternative Identity if its unable to match PIN_MVL_ID credential.

After updating the settings, the user has to log out of the EvTrackGuard App and log in again for the settings to take effect.