Devices Supported

EvTrackGuard is compatible with any Android 6+ device.

2D/Fingerprint Hardware Extended Supported Devices

Manufacture Model Android Version GMS 2D OCR Fingerprint Comments
Cipherlab RS31 7.0 Yes Yes Yes
Cipherlab RS35 10.0 Yes Tes Yes
Chainway C71 6.0 Yes Yes (Zebra SE4750) Yes Yes (FIPS/TCS1)
Chainway C71 8.1 Yes Yes (Zebra SE4750) Yes
Chainway C70t 8.1 Yes Yes (Zebra SE4750) Yes NCIR Thermometer Supported (1cm Read Range)
Datalogic Memor 10 8.1 Yes Yes Yes
Honeywell EDA51 8.1 Yes Yes Yes
Honeywell CT40 9.0 Yes Yes Yes
Newland MT90 MK1 7.0 No Yes No
Newland MT90 MKII 8.0 Yes Yes Yes
Samsung Note10 11.0 Yes Yes (Camera) Yes
Samsung A21 10.0 Yes Yes (Camera) Yes
Tokie TK1000 7.0 No Yes (Camera) Yes Tested by Partner (Small Screen and 2D Decoding Slower)
Zebra TC21/TC26 10.0 Yes Yes Yes

Label Badge Printers

Manufacture Model Connection Media
Brother QL-820NWB Bluetooth DK-22251 Continuous Paper Label Roll – Black and Red on White, 62mm
Zebra GK420t TCP/IP Direct Thermal Z-Perform 1000D labels - 76mm x 50mm (3008731-T)