Post Installation Configuration

Post Installation Configuration Options


  1. Update System License
  2. Set Application Base URL
  3. Setup Email Server
  4. Setup SMS Gateway
  5. Configure Windows Firewall Configuration

Step 1: Update System License

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Server Settings and click on the License Tab
  2. Copy and Paste the system license key into the text field and click save.
  3. Confirm that the License was success full imported and operation by checking the "Status" field.

Step 2: Set Application Base URL

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Server Settings and click on the Security Tab
  2. Update the "Application Base HTTP URL" field to match the external/network accessible address of the server

Application Base HTTP URL field is used on SMS and Email messages for Qr Code and Password Reset Token

Step 3: Setup Email Server

  1. Configure SMTP Server Settings:
    • SMTP Server Host: ""
    • SMTP port: 587
    • SMTP StartTLS: Yes
    • SMTP Authentication: Yes
    • SMTP Username: Your full Gmail address (e.g.
    • SMTP Password: Your Gmail password
    • Sender Email Address: Your full Gmail address (e.g.

Note: If you try and use a personal gmail account other than the method below, you’ll be required to enable “Less Secure Apps”. Google has gone on record to say they do not recommend this method, and will be retiring the Less Secure Apps

  1. Restart the EvTrack Server via Windows Task Manager or by running "evtrack-service-restart.bat" as Administrator for the SMTP Server Settings to take effect.


Step 4: Setup SMS Gateway