With EvTtack one is able to generate advanced reports for all system events. This includes reports on visitors, vehicles, events, people and blacklists. These reports can be created in .pdf or .xlsx format.

As an example a visitor report would include the visitor’s photo, time of the event, access/control point utilised, contact number, reason for visit and user who has processed the transaction.

Generate a Report

Click on the Reports Icon on the left side.

  1. Select the Report File Format (.pdf or .xlsx):
  2. Enter a keyword you may be searching for (if applicable).
  3. Select the EvTrack System User (i.e admin person, security guard etc) if required.
  4. Select the Time/Date of the Event:

  1. Select the Type of Report:

  1. Click on the report button to generate the report:

  1. The system will then automatically generate your report in the selected format.

!Reports are a useful tool for building managers, property owners or security managers.