Configure Users

Configure Users

EvTrack consists of three different databases. A database for visitors, a database for personnel (i.e tenants and/or employees and a database for system users. System users are the users who get access to the EvTrack web interface for adminstration, configuration or reporting. They are also the users who are configured for the EvTrack Guard device and application.

This article explains how to add, modify or delete system users via the EvTrack web browser interface. The system user configuration includes two sections, namely Role List & User List. Roles allow one to allocate certain or all system permissions to users.

Creating or Modifying Roles

Roles are essentially groups of user permissions. These groups are created to support different levels of user permissions within the system. In any EvTrack system certain users would be allocated more rights than others. As an example a system administrator would generally be granted more rights than a security officer. Once roles have been defined, users are then allocated to these roles.

  1. Select User Permissions Under the Configuration Section of the Drop Down Menu

  2. Then select the Role List.

  3. Multiple Role Lists can be created. Depending on the permissions you want to grant these groups.

  4. Click Add to create new Role Lists or Click Action and then Edit/Delete to Modify or Delete a Group of Permissions from the System.

!Be careful about allocating too many permissions to basic users. Ideally only system administrators should have access to configuration and/or delete functions.

Creating or Modifying Users

All system users can be found on the user list page section of the EvTrack web browser interface. Within this section one is able to review listed system users as well as modify or delete them when required. In order to access this section:

  1. Select User Lists Under the Configuration Section of the Drop Down Menu

  2. Click on any of the listed users and a user profile page will be displayed were one can see if the user is enabled, as well as the allocated role list he/she is allocated to and any active access control credentials.

  3. Modify user profile entries here.

  4. Add Biometric templates here for the user by clicking on the grey box above each finger marked with :question_mark::

  5. At this stage, please ensure you have the compatible USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader connected to the PC in order to add fingerprints to the user profile. Three templates can be stored per finger.

  6. Encoded Credentials for EvTrack Guard users can also be created here. Select the system user and then the credentials tab. Under credentials one can encode a smart card or tag.

Please ensure the USB RFID Reader is connected to the PC and that the EvTrack USB driver is installed.

Once installed, place the tag or card on the reader and press the encode button. Encoding takes around sixteen seconds and there is an audible indication once complete.