Adding a Person

EvTrack has an excellent personnel management section. As mentioned previously, the personnel database is one of the three databases incorporated into EvTrack. Personnel are typically individuals or users that are allocated some form of temporary or permanent credential on the system. When EvTrack is used as an access control system they could as an example be building tenants, maintenance staff, contractors or security personnel.

Adding New Personnel

Authorised system users log into the EvTrack web interface and proceed to the personnel section of the system:

  1. To add a New Person to the System, Press the ‘+New' Button here:

  1. The ‘Add Person’ page allows one to add multiple fields of infomation for each individual on the personnel database. This profile page includes fields such as: Name, Surname, DOB, Telephone Number, Email Address, Organisation, ID number, Department Name, Address etc.

  1. An essential feature that can be added to each individual’s profile page is a photo. Various graphic file formats are supported included JPG, GIF or PNG images.

Personnel images should be no larger than 1MB in size.

Personnel Settings - Create & Edit Departments or Organisations

To reduce duplications and provide some level of formal structure in terms of organisation and department naming, authorised system users can create and edit departments and organisations here:

  1. Add or edit organisations here:

  1. Add or edit departments here: